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Sep. 12th, 2013


(no subject)

TITLE: Recuperation

PAIRING:  Boyd/Ava


SPOILERS: S2 finale

SUMMARY: Ava is recuperating, Boyd is helping her when she can't sleep. Fluffy.

Written for [info]norgbelulah who needed some distracting cheering up.


Ficlet - Love Over Dominance - Justified

TITLE: Love Over Dominance
SUMMARY: Ava is in love.

( Ficlet )

Jul. 22nd, 2007


(no subject)

Title: Out of the Alleyway
Author: skull_theatre
Rating: PG
Fandom: Angel (mid S5 Ats)
Pairing: Spike/Angel
Assignment: maleslashminis Round 14— Spike. Written for elementalv. Things they want in the fic: "One of them against a wall at some point, a 24-hour mini mart, and fluffy kittens"
Things they *don't* want in the fic: "Angst, declarations of undying (undead?) love"
Notes: I’m incapable of writing NC-17. Really. And I tend towards the angst-filled which was explicitly not wanted. Hope this serves. ;)

Out of the AlleywayCollapse )

Jul. 18th, 2007


(no subject)

A quick, hot little prose sketch for the Oldman!Sirius fangrrls -

SB/HG - OotP

Come Into My SleepCollapse )

Jul. 16th, 2007


Assorted D'Hoffryn fics

Combining my Big D fics in one post. Just watched "Hell's Bells" again and I'm telling you...this demon just...makes me....gah!!! Why won't anyone write hawt D'Hoffryn ficcy goodness for me? *wails*

Title: Exquisite Heat
Word Count: 437
Rating: PG
Prompt: 021 - Heat at still_grrr
Characters: D'Hoffryn, Dark Willow

Exquisite HeatCollapse )

Title: Final Goodbye
Rating: G
Word Count: 548
Prompt: 011 - Sunnydale Crater for still_grrr
Character: two demons

Not ForgottenCollapse )

Title: A Pair of Glittering, Black Eyes Redux
Rating: R
Word Count: 250
Prompt: D’Hoffry/Willow for btvsats_love
Pairing(if any): D/W/T
Disclaimer: If only D’Hoffryn would find his way to me….not mine.

Ohhhhhh….Collapse )

Title: Inebriated Wishing
Written For: xlivvielockex
posted at facets_of_faith
Prompt: Big D/Faith sentence
Rating: G
Author's Notes: BtVS S7

Don't Drink and Derail your DestinyCollapse )

Drabbles posted at open_on_sunday

Angel/DemonCollapse )

In His NatureCollapse )

Jul. 13th, 2007


(no subject)

Yes! Friday the 13th is proving to be a very good day for me! *avoids black cats, tosses salt over shoulder and knocks on wood*

I finished my summer_of_giles fic mid-day yesterday and that was a huge relief. Clocked in at just over 5,000 words and its here if you’re interested –


I’ve also been writing ficlets that are generating more and more ideas. Here’s Spike/Angelus – souled!Spike/Angel

”AtsCollapse )

I really ended up falling in love with those two characters by the end of Angel. I mean, I was mad for them seperately before – but to see them interacting with one another throughout the last season…really had me considering their Hero’s Journey in a variety of ways. Slash being just one of those ways.

AND - *drumroll here* - I took the kidlings to see Pirates of The Caribbean – At World’s End last night. Wanted to catch it on the big screen before it left. I was just thrilled. Totally and compltely thrilled with it. I will pen another post about my thoughts and let the DavyJones fangirling loose in that one.

Now…to get down the hill early enough to take in the 10 am showing of Order of the Phoenix. One thing I’ve noted is that Gary is looking mighty delicious – at least to these aging eyes – but he’s got his Dracula mojo working it would appear. And I find that endlessly amusing – in the same way I find it amusing every time I sit through the Lord of the Rings trilogy. THAT look is what melts the pavement wherever Gary walks – why doesn’t he massage it into his day-to-day life? Same for the delish Bloom – that’s a cat who just looks good as a blonde? And James Marsters – yummy no matter what the coif – but the platinum look is good for him. Ah…I could go on…it should be a meme – what look/character embodies your favourite male actor??? Rickman and that nasty facial hair as the Sheriff…omfg.

Hmmmm….you know – I could make that a meme. I’ll try to be back this afternoon with it and the recap on AWE.

Jul. 6th, 2007


The Big D prompt responses

Too much fun! Thanks for the prompt pairings and words! I've begun hacking away at them. Here's the first batch - more later today.

One thing I learned - I'm not good at drabbles, these are for the most part, ficlets. Also...jossverse demands a kind of irreverance especially in regards to canon demons and that's a helluva lot of fun to write.

Big D/Faith, sentenceCollapse )

Big D/Willow, witchy womanCollapse )

Big D, Spike, refreshmentsCollapse )

Jun. 23rd, 2007


(no subject)

Mmmmm....I love my Muse. Love him. He's fierce and he's a drunk but there's this side to him...that knocks me sideways every single time he appears. He is SO my animus that it frightens me sometimes.

He helped me to "solve" a plot arc problem I was having early early this morning as I lay in bed and watched him cavort in that long-meadowed grass meadow inside my skullbone. Not sure exactly how it works, and even holding forth this much may have him trotting away on his goat feet in a small pique. So, I'll stop, but I'm pleased. Inordinately so.

The Viking has left for town because, well, why yes, we do need another four-wheel drive vehicle - nineteen isn't enough. Quite obviously. *dramatic sigh*

But...I will use this purchase to my power *evil married woman cackle* seeing as how I'm coaxing this badly crippled old Dell down the weed-choked shoulder of the internet highway. I'm going to buy a new desktop - something shiny with a 22" HD widescreen monitor...and Vista...and mahjong...and even though my *cough* rather ridiculously expensive PhotoShop suite isn't going to play nice with that OS...I can still use the Dell for photographic clients...until I can put aside a cool 1K to upgrade the software.

And I've thought of the most insanely cool shoulder tattoo...but need to find the right image. Yes!

Jun. 19th, 2007


(no subject)


So busy.

And yes, just three weeks ago...I was worried there wouldn't be enough to keep kidlings - and thusly myself - busy once the summer break began. But I haven't seemed to have a moment to write or read...fanfiction, leastaways. I've had plenty of time to read as I'm doing a lot of sitting around and waiting. One of the perils of living forty-five minutes from town. (What DO people who "don't" read do while they're waiting?!) But not much of that time has been spent writing as the laptop is still...not seen as a tool by my persnickety goat-footed muse. I actually...believe...he is laughing his ass off at the idea of it. I'm going to have to get more aggressive about using it.

So, I've read "Frankenstein" and am now wildly anticipating Elizabeth Hand's soon-to-be released Frankenstein. Duncan's "Ink." *swoon* Also I'm not a Romance reader, but my pulp vice is vampires and werewolves - "Blood and Chocolate" could have been insanely cool...and yet still satisfied as a two hour sitting in the truck read. "Botany of Desire" was mind boggling literary non-fiction. I love that genre.

I know, I know - lists instead of reviews. Shame on me. But I'm typing on borrowed time as it is.

Saw "Pan's Labyrinth" and was beyond pleased. Yes, it could have been more but I was so happy with what it was. And "Gormenghast" with the delectable Rhys-Meyers. And "Planet Earth." I've stalled out on Ats because Season 4 was so laughably laughable that I can't quite suspend myself enough - yet - to finish out the series.

Working - inside the skull theatre - on my summer_of_giles fic. Should be quite fun. I love Giles tweaked just this side of canon.

Hope any flisters reading this are doing well, writing long and lyrical and reading for joy.

Jun. 8th, 2007


(no subject)

Still busier than a corpse grinder in Hell. Catching up from my long weekend out of town – not quite sure at what point my family will actually become self-reliant and I can leave town for a small bit without…returning to dishes, laundry and moodswings. Heh. And I’ve got an evening wedding tomorrow night to shoot and that’s occupying huge tracts of grey matter at the moment – wedding photography is very much like a sporting event. It takes concentration and preparation…so, with that event and this past week being the last week of school for the kidlings, other things have been on hold this week. One of those “other things” was writing for the fun, fun, fun Jossverse challenge community still_grrr. I hope I can breathe my own air again next week and get back on the prompt horse.

Speaking of that writing community – my small Drusilla bit took Second Place last week!!! Very nice! Click on the banner if you haven’t yet read the ficlet -

I respond to the prompts in that community with the mindset of a thirty-minute fic challenge and should probably let the ficlets sit and marinate a bit before posting them – I can clearly see now that the Drusilla monologue needed…more work. Definitely needed to tie-in the idea of her blood sister with the Religious Order of nuns…sisters…and the convent to which she had fled as Angelus was tracking her…Ah well. It’s a discipline I need to work on more. That is ONE thing with fanfiction that is hard to work around – the overwhelming need to post a piece of writing before…it’s good and ready or in the case of a chaptered WIP, before it’s finished. I’ve been getting a lot of new reviews on my Davy Jones fic on fanfiction.net and I feel terribly guilty about it – my goal was to have it finished before AWE was released rendering it AU…and I didn’t get to it. Actually I got sucked up mind, body, soul and keyboard into the BtVS verse…

The perils of fanfiction. ;)

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